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Sports Massage Therapy

Our Sports Therapists work alongside our Chiropractic and Physiotherapy team to provide soft tissue treatment, and rehabilitation advice.

What To Expect At Your First Appointment?

After a good chat about your symptoms, and how long they’ve been troubling you for, your movements will be assessed in order to ascertain what is causing your issue. This will start with a standing assessment, so that we can look at your posture, from the feet up. This tells us a great deal about how your skeleton, and soft tissues (muscles, tendons & ligaments are working, and how they may be either helping, or hindering your movements. We’ll then take you through a series of movements, to look at the joints and muscles. It’s helpful if you can give us feedback throughout this process, so that we know exactly when the discomfort ‘kicks in’.

Once we’ve established the area/structures that are causing you issues, we will provide you with some treatment. This will involve soft tissue massage, or maybe some form of stretching, and some advice/homework. Our aim is to change your symptoms. That way, we know that we’re providing the correct form of treatment for you. So be sure to let us know how things are feeling. Your feedback is crucial, and means that we can tailor your treatment to be the right fit.

We don’t agree with over treating patients. We know that by providing more treatment before your body is ready for it is really counter-productive, and can just make things really sore. So, we will book you a follow up appointment in for 10-14 days after your first visit. It is essential that you attend this for a couple of very good reasons. Firstly, we need hear your feedback. Secondly, you may feel much better, but that doesn’t mean that your issue is completely resolved, and left semi-treated, it could creep back again. This leads me to the final reason, which is so that we can re-assess you, and see exactly how things have changed. We will then give the appropriate treatment, or advice in order that you can continue along your recovery path. We may at this point start to give you more things that you can do between visits, to continue your rehabilitation. We will continue in this manner for the first 6 weeks (a tissue cycle), and then, depending how things are going, would aim to extend the length of time between visits. We have found that recovery is much improved when our patients have the motivation of a return visit.

The treatment and advice that we provide you with is always bespoke for you. We’re keen to get you better, and keep you well. This is mutually beneficial, as let’s face it, you become our walking, talking adverts. We therefore offer a great deal of support from the moment you arrive. Your body becomes our responsibility, and we want it to keep working for you, for as long as possible.

Sports Therapy Massage FAQ’s

A. The cost depends on how long the appointment is. 30 minutes costs £40.00, 45 minutes costs £50.00, and 60 minutes costs £60.00

A. We treat patients on a case by case basis, so it’s difficult to put a number on visits. We will always discuss our proposed course of action with the patient, as we go along. It very much depends on the response to treatment, and adherence to advice/stretches/exercises.

A. We work alongside the Chiropractic team to provide soft tissue work, stretching etc. to aid rehabilitation.

A. The main difference between Sports Massage Therapy, and Physiotherapy &/or Chiropractic is that only Physio’s and Chiro’s can actually diagnose the issue. So, if you have tight muscles in your shoulders, a sports massage therapist will loosen these for you, and look at your posture. They may refer you to the Physiotherapist or Chiropractor if the problem keeps happening, as there may be a reason that it isn’t improving, but this would require the extra expertise to diagnose the root cause. However, if you have a painful shoulder joint (for example) you should see the Physiotherapist or Chiropractor first, in order to diagnose what the issue actually is. If this is a soft tissue issue, you may then be referred to the Sports Massage therapist for treatment.

A. Unfortunately, health insurance cannot be used to pay for Sports Massage.


Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing our work make a positive difference to the lives of the people we treat to help them overcome pain.